Going home

NYC brownstone foyer

The countdown has begun. We officially have less than two weeks left in Omaha. On September 1st, the kids and I will be departing from Eppley Airfield and arriving in... … READ MORE!

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Weekend reading: link roundup

Jenna Lyons office J.Crew

We have just three weekends left in Omaha. Isn't that crazy? I'm starting to feel anxious about moving and all that's involved: packing, saying goodbyes, creating new routines. There are also many things I'd like to do in Omaha before leave, including one last visit to the zoo, the Children's Museum, and our favorite restaurants. We can cross a few things off our must-see list this weekend...or we can go to Des Moines for the Iowa State Fair. We've gone the last three years (you can see photos here, here, and here), and I feel like I owe it to Asa to take him, too. Not that he'd remember! Hope you have a great weekend. Here are some links to enjoy: Two DIYs worth trying: a custom mousepad and yarn-embroidered baskets. (I love the neon accents!) Cute idea for a family of four. Sadly, all 16 icons named in this song are now dead. Are you watching The Knick? It's quite gory, but I'm fascinated by the history. I want to try this anti-wrinkle serum. (It's getting … READ MORE!

There’s no such thing as a new idea

into the woods

One of the most challenging aspects of blogging is the pressure to create original content. It's obviously much easier to link to other people's blogs or to post product roundups than it is to produce, photograph and write something entirely new. For many of us (especially those of us with babies who still don't sleep through the night), inspiration doesn't flow 24/7. But even when we're feeling totally inspired, we're often not able to publish a DIY or launch a new series immediately. Because life. So what happens when another blogger beats you to the punch? When somebody else publishes an identical DIY or launches a similar series while you're still getting your act together? … READ MORE!

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Back-to-school supplies for grown-ups

back to school

I don't miss homework, and I definitely don't miss exams, but I do miss the excitement of getting organized for a new academic year. Shopping for school supplies was something I looked forward to every September. If the end of summer still puts you in the mood to go back-to-school shopping, here are nine office supplies to make heading back to work (instead of the classroom) a little more bearable. … READ MORE!

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The surprising benefit of sad movies

surprising truth about sad movies

Do you enjoy watching sad movies? Lately, I've been avoiding three-hankie tearjerkers like The Fault in Our Stars out of fear that I'll leave the theater feeling more depressed than entertained. Where's the enjoyment in that? … READ MORE!