Coffee Talk: Manual Coffee Brewing Methods

manual coffee brewing methods

About a month before our big move from Nebraska to New Jersey, our hardworking Keurig machine sputtered and brewed its last cup of coffee. Although we both relied on the convenience of the Keurig for single servings of coffee throughout the day, JB and I chose not to replace it, as it would end up in storage only a few weeks later. Instead, we pulled out the old-fashioned drip coffee maker and -- blech! -- reheated our refills in the microwave. Remembering that I used to use a simple pour-over coffee brewer to make individual servings of coffee in college, I went online to purchase a new one. In addition to cheap plastic cones, however, I discovered an array of fancier manual coffee brewing methods. I've had French Press coffee before and seen the Chemex sold in stores, but other methods, like the Clever and Aeropress, were unfamiliar to me … READ MORE!

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Taste of Fall: Apple Dessert Recipes

apple dessert recipes

Now that it's officially fall, I'm beginning to crave apple everything: homemade apple sauce, warm apple pie, and fresh apple cider. Honestly, it's like I have a Pavlovian response to the change in seasons. Additionally, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins at tonight, and it's customary to eat apples with honey to symbolize a sweet new year. A traditional Rosh Hashanah meal often includes a honey cake, however; since apple season is in full swing, I think we should make room at the table for one of these tempting apple desserts … READ MORE!

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Life Transitions

life transition moving

We've been living with my parents in New Jersey for three weeks now, but it could be three months. How can it feel like we've been here forever when we've accomplished so little since we arrived? I'm not exaggerating when I say that we've been so busy we haven't even finished unpacking. There are open boxes and overflowing bags taunting us in every room. … READ MORE!