Back-to-school supplies for grown-ups

back to school

I don't miss homework, and I definitely don't miss exams, but I do miss the excitement of getting organized for a new academic year. Shopping for school supplies was something I looked forward to every September. If the end of summer still puts you in the mood to go back-to-school shopping, here are nine office supplies to make heading back to work (instead of the classroom) a little more bearable. … READ MORE!

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The surprising benefit of sad movies

surprising truth about sad movies

Do you enjoy watching sad movies? Lately, I've been avoiding three-hankie tearjerkers like The Fault in Our Stars out of fear that I'll leave the theater feeling more depressed than entertained. Where's the enjoyment in that? … READ MORE!

Kitchen hacks: The fastest way to pit cherries

how to pit cherries with a paper clip

I've never been crazy about cherries. It's not that I don't like the sweet taste of summer's favorite fruit. The process of cleaning off the fruit from the pit makes my teeth feel funny, and I'm not a fan of cherry pit spitting. (Incidentally, I don't eat a lot of watermelon because of its pesky seeds. I'm even turned off by the small white ones in "seedless" watermelons.) Lucky for Levi, JB does not share my strange aversion to cherries (although he does have strong feelings about corn), and the two of them have been snacking on them all summer -- and making quite a mess. Sticky red fingers are unavoidable when you have to cut your toddler's cherries in half to remove the pits before serving them. … READ MORE!

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Scenes from our weekend: In the backyard

summer backyard fun

So far, we've been to the pool just one time this summer. It was over 4th of July weekend, which feels like forever ago, doesn't it? With nothing besides a couple of errands on our schedule this past Saturday, we talked over breakfast about making a trip to the pool. As soon as the words "pool" and "swimming" came out of my mouth, however, I knew we weren't really going to go -- especially when we decided to go after Levi's nap. Nothing ever gets done after nap time. I suffer from mommy guilt over not taking my boys swimming, but the truth is that it's a huge pain in the ass to get a toddler and a baby ready to for the pool. We spend more time getting ready -- going potty, putting on sunscreen, packing snacks -- than we do in the water. Plus, the kiddie pool at the JCC where we belong isn't that much fun. I wish it were one of those fancy zero-entry pools with fountains and play areas, but it's literally a large circle filled with shallow water. And when we went in July, we … READ MORE!

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Asa’s monthly baby photo (five months old)

five months old

Dear Asa, You are adorable. Seriously adorable. And I'm not just saying that because I'm your mother and all mothers think their children are adorable. You possess facial features like big, expressive blue eyes and a wide, happy grin that are objectively adorable. And thank goodness. Because if you weren't as adorable as you are, you'd have a much harder time worming your way into our affections night after sleepless night. You don't sleep through the night yet -- not even close -- and your father and I are miserably tired. When your big brother was five months old, he went to bed at 7:30pm and woke up to eat at 3am. Part of your problem, I'm sure, is that we haven't established a strict bedtime. It's a classic case of second child syndrome: we've expected you to be on our schedule and Levi's since day one. The times we've tried putting you in your crib to sleep before 8pm, you've stayed awake screaming until moved into your swing. We put you back in your crib after your … READ MORE!

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